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Sonia Exam More Important Than Election Exam

Sonia Exam More Important Than Election Exam

People of Andhra Pradesh for long lamented at the way their elected representatives failed to live upto their aspirations selling the interest of their region and state for personal benefits from Sonia Gandhi.

Earlier Telangana representatives blasted their representatives for not fighting for Telangana statehood and doing Sonia Bhajan. Now with Telangana turning a reality, it is the turn of Seemandhra people to vent their ire on their rpresentatives.

Earlier some Telangana representatives did Sonia Bhajan and got rewarded with ministerships and berths in the cabinet. The same thing happened in case of Seemandhra representatives.

When ever agitating people and protestors question them,people like Chiranjeevi say they have strongly apprised Sonia Gandhi about the demands of their region. They say they appeared for exam and waiting for the results.

Many are wondering whether Sonia Test more important than Seemandhra test or outcome of general election exams. The writing is on the wall, people will definitely fail them in election exams for failing them.

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