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Solar Developers to Submit Bids Before Sept 30

Hyderabad, Sept 1 (INN): As a part of development of green power particularly the solar, the State Government and AP Transmission Corporation (APTRANSCO) have given opportunity to all the solar developers, including those who have not participated in the recently concluded competitive bidding for 1000 MW, to submit their applications for executing the solar projects at Rs 6.49 per unit as decided by Group of Ministers (GoM) earlier.

Disclosing the above details, APTRANSCO CMD Suresh Chanda, while reviewing the progress of solar power projects bidding, on Saturday evening with P Ramesh, JMD/APTRANSCO and senior officials, said that APTRANSCO has issued guidelines for prospective solar power developers to submit their applications along with non-refundable processing fee of 2 Lakhs/location to execute the Solar project at a fixed tariff of Rs. 6.49/unit for a period of 20 years, on or before September 30. Before review meeting, the CMD has informed M. Sahoo, Spl. Chief Secretary (Energy), about the opportunity being extended to all solar developers.

The CMD further said that totally 109 substations were offered under this open offer. However, the Solar developers will also be allowed to connect to any other substation in the state subject to technical feasibility. Also the draft Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), list of substations and the detailed guidelines are being published in APTRANSCO website i.e. www.aptransco.gov.in.

This decision to harness the solar power to the maximum extent possible has given an opportunity to those solar power developers who have not participated in the bidding process to submit their bids subject to conforming to the tender specification issued earlier.

It is pertinent to note that, the GoAP had issued a Solar Power Policy in the state vide G.O. Ms. No. 39 read with G.O. Ms No.44 for encouraging Solar power projects under Captive/3rd party sale. APTRANSCO/DISCOMs are in the process of issuing technical feasibility clearances commissioned under this Policy. Approximately, 1200 MW have been given sanctions for Grid connectivity. Further, the GoAP have issued G.O. Ms No. 46 and directed APTRANSCO to ensure setting up of 1000 MW Solar Power Plants through the process of Competitive bidding route.

Power utilities are fully committed for encouragement & promotion of non-renewable energy and to put all out efforts to make AP as role model in solar power. The State Govt. has also decided to pay 20% subsidy from State Budget for installation of rooftop systems up to 3 MW capacity in domestic sector. The State subsidy is in addition to the eligible central subsidy.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India is providing the Central Financial Assistance (CFA) for Solar Rooftop systems upto 30 per cent of the system cost for capacities upto 1KW in domestic sector and upto 100 KW for Institutions/ Commercial /Industrial consumers, CMD added.

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