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SHAR’s Big Plans in 2013

SHAR’s Big Plans in 2013

Shar is going to test five rocket launchers are going to experimented SHAR chairperson MYS Prasad said here in sriharikota.On Tuesday in Potti sriramulu Nellore district in satish dhawan space centre (SHAR) he spoke to few journalists,ISRO scientists are going to face lot of challenges this year,on Feb 10 they are planning to launch Saral satellite in space with the help of PSLV-C20 rocket,in this it will carry two French payloads he said,with this satellite we can find the Navy operations which goes to the sea tides flow and height he explained,in april they are going to test GSLV-D5,in May they are going to launch Indian GPS Satellite in space with the help PSLV-C22 on October 25’th we are palnning to launch Marx orbit mission in space with the help of PSLV-C25 rocket,by this year end we are palnning to completed the experiment of GSLV-Mark3 and finally he quoted that ISRO former chairperson Kasturirangan and SHAR former directors Narayana and Annamalai are my rolemodels he said,with the team spirit of employes of ISRO we will move forward and will take ISRO to peak level,finally associate director of SHAR sheshagiri rao said with 240 crores payment we are making multi-object RADAR he concluded.

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