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Security Council Membership Must for IT Companies in Cyberabad

Security Council Membership Must for IT Companies in Cyberabad

Hyderabad, August 28 (INN): The Society for Cyberabad Security Council’s first Executive Committee meeting under the Chairmanship of Cyberabad Commissioner CV Anand was held at Commissionerate in Gachibowli here on Wednesday.

In his welcome address, the Commissioner said that of nearly 200 IT Companies operating in Cyberabad area, only 87 Companies are Members of SCSC as of now. He asked the Executive Committee members present in the meeting that membership of SCSC could be made mandatory for all the IT companies operating from Madhapur and Gachibowli. Executive committee accepted the proposal. He also proposed to all the IT-Parks Operating in this area to become members of SCSC and the same has been accepted by everyone unopposed.

It has been decided that a separate meeting will be organized with the IT-Park Senior managements to arrive at the modality of the subscription to be paid by them and all 4-Star Hotels and above will be offered a membership. They will be put under a sub-committee as decided. They need to pay a one-time contribution in form of donating a Four Wheeler along with the annual subscription towards the membership fee. All the commercial establishments will be asked to pay one time contribution / donate a Four Wheeler. It also been agreed to increase the upper CAP of Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 7.5 Lakh from next Financial year and Rs 10 Lakh for the subsequent year onwards. This change will bring in another Rs 30 Lakh /annum to SCSC.

The Commissioner has accepted to talk to the APIIC in allotment of parking places in Madhapur and Gachibowli areas and new building for control and Command Centre at Cyberabad Police Commissionerate by coordinating with the APIIC. He has expressed the gratitude to all the members of SCSC and congratulated newly elected Treasurer Ch Kiran Kumar of Face-Book.

SCSC Secretary V Srinivasa Prasad updated all the members on the activities done by the council during the last year. He said that completion of second Phase CCTV Project Costing Rs 1.5 Crore fully funded by the council, with this total number of Cameras up and running in this area has reached 47 with 49 KMs of exclusive Optic Fiber owned by the Council. It has been appreciated by all the members for the contribution of council through CCTV Project including the help provided in tracing the culprits in “Nikhil More” case in addition to 27 more accident, theft, Hit and run cases. The contributions done by the council in conducting several interactions with DGP, Railway Police, for the safety of women employees in this area and also during the Assamese Exodus were also appreciated.

The SCSC Executive Committee has decided to install more CCTV Cameras in critical public places through sponsorship from commercial establishments and IT Companies and increasing the Uprate of CCTV coverage from 95 per cent to 100 per cent by taking the power connections from nearby IT-Companies in these areas.

A request has been made to government to add night vision cameras on SCSC Optic Fiber Network from there side for better coverage. It has been decided to convene Traffic coordination meetings with the IT-Company representatives with Cyberabad DCP (Traffic) Avinash Mohanty for sorting out the issues.

Meanwhile, Joint CP M Shiva Prasad has been elected Vice-Chairman of the SCSC. Members Gunalan (Infosys), Krishna (Polaris), Kiran Kumar (Face-Book), Arindam (Deloitte), Naresh Yadav (Ascendas), Venugopal (STPI-Director), Rakesh Tripati (Wipro), Sai Diwakar (Dell), Naseer (Cognizant), Brig Hari Kumar (ITsAP), and others participated in the meeting.

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