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Secret Behind Rapists after Small kids!

Secret Behind Rapists after Small kids!

Those who follow the news must be aghast at the increasing rape incidents not on teenagers and women but on small kids of around 4-6 yrs old who don’t even know how to pronounce words properly. After the dastardly act on Nirbhaya in Delhi Bus, after peoples huge outrage and protests, adamant Govt quickly promulgated new anti rape laws. But still they allowed minors to escape with ‘minor’ punishments.

Even during the protests against Nirbhaya incident, rapes continued unabated which made to wonder whether there was real increase in the incidents or media started more on them only after Nirbhaya incident? Now more recently 5 yr old kid was brutally raped and even before the anger could subside another 6yrs old and 4 yrs old were raped in North. This brings to question why rapists are selecting small kids?

One gets the impression that after Nirbhaya incident, women became extra protective and started carrying pepper powder and other armour to defend themselves. Rapists might have felt that it will be risky to target them as happened in some places where women jumped out of vehicles throwing pepper powder. So they are selecting soft targets small kids for their psychic enjoyment as they can not defend themselves. There is also another feeling that they are using small kids for practicals before preparing for final assault on women!

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