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SCR to Provide 2.4 lakh Additional Berths in October

SCR to Provide 2.4 lakh Additional Berths in October

Hyderabad, Oct 1 (INN): The South Central Railway has initiated several measures to smoothly handle the rush of passengers in the ensuing Dassera festival season during the month of October.

The SCR will run as many as 137 Special Trains during the month of October. It has already announced 101 originating Special Trains. In addition, 36 special trains will be passing through SCR during this period. Thus, the services of 137 special trains would be available for the passengers on SCR, apart from around 700 regular trains being run every day. It signifies a growth of 47 per cent in the number of special trains being operated in October 2013 compared to October 2012, when 93 special trains were run (79 originating and 14 passing through).

These special trains will be operated on busy sectors, especially linking twin cities to various popular destinations such as Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Vijayawada, Machilipatnam, Renigunta, Mumbai, Kolkata, Nagercoil, Guwahati, Mangalore, Kollam etc. In addition, special trains will also be run between Tirupati and Aurangabad also. The originating special trains will provide reserved berths / seats for around 1,11,872 extra passengers during October, 2013. Moreover, these special trains can cater to thousands of unreserved passengers also by way of travel in the general coaches.

Based on an analysis of the Passenger Traffic Profile on various routes, temporary augmentation of composition of several Express trains is being done by attaching additional coaches.

During October, 2013, SCR will attach 1088 extra coaches by way of temporary augmentation to many popular Express Trains running on routes like Secunderabad-Tirupati; Hyderabad-Tirupati; Hyderabad-Narasapur; Hyderabad-Trivandram; Kacheguda-Yesvantpur; Kachiguda-Chitoor; Kacheguda-Chennai Egmore; Kacheguda-Akola; Tirupati-Machilipatnam; Tirupati-Karimnagar; Kakinada Town-Bangalore; H.S. Nanded – Mumbai; H.S.Nanded-Pune; Guntur-Vikakrabad; Secunderabad-Hazrat Nizamuddin and Tirupati-Hazrat Nizamuddin etc. These extra coaches include 41 AC First Class, 45 AC Two Tier, 70 AC Three Tier, 164 AC Chair Car, 552 Sleeper Class and 80 Second Class Chair Car Coaches and will generate additional reserved accommodation to clear around 1,32,158 extra passengers. These additional coaches have already been fed into the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) and are available to the public for making reservations.

In addition to temporary augmentation of coaches as mentioned above, the waitlist position for different classes in various trains on busy routes is also being closely monitored on a daily basis. Extra coaches to the extent possible are being attached to the trains, which have long waiting list to help clear the waitlisted passengers on the travel day.

All the available resources are being put to maximum use to increase the number of trains/coaches so as to enhance the passenger carrying capacity on Railway system.

Through the above steps, around 2.4 lakh additional passengers will get benefited with reserved accommodation on SCR’s originating /terminating trains, apart from thousands of other passengers travelling in the general coaches of the special trains during the month of October. (INN)

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