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SC Remarks on CBI puts ‘Coal’ on Center

SC Remarks on CBI puts 'Coal' on Center

Supreme Court today made scatching attack on CBI for disclosing facts in its report submitted to it, is most extraordinary in Indian History. It also told not to listen to its ‘Political Bosses’ and work independently.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday termed as “very disturbing” the CBI affidavit on sharing its report with the law minister and others and slammed the agency for having kept the court in the dark on the issue.

This after CBI director Ranjit Sinha on April 26th admitted that the CBI report on Coal Gate was shared with the Law Minister and changes are made accordingly. Yesterday the case took even more startling turn when assistant solicitor general alleged that solicitor general kept him in dark on the contents to be argued without himself being clear.

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