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Ranjita and Swamy Nityanada sex scam is still alive

Ranjita and Swamy Nityanada sex scam is still alive

Three months after the telecast of the controversial tapes that allegedly showed Tamil film actress Ranjita with godman Nithyananda in a compromising position, she is busy working on a self-help book, tentatively titled ‘How to survive a scandal’.

Ranjita says, “I am writing this based on my experiences in the past six months, and there are so many people out there feeling traumatised and suicidal,” the actor told TOI in an exclusive interview, the first after the controversy broke. “My book will help people come to terms with personal problems, and I am in talks with a couple of publishers,” she says.

“I am also writing a fiction, aimed at the youth of today, but the one drawn from my experiences will come out first,” says the actor, pushing back her smartly cut hair. ‘Autobiography Of A Yogi’ and other books by renowned spiritual gurus line the shelf in her living room. “I was always a bookworm and you move from fiction to philosophy. I am especially fond of Indian spiritual writing,” says the actor, who came to Chennai early this month. While struggling for the right word or the perfect phrase, she also took time to meet up with CB-CID officials in connection with the Nithyananda case.

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