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Pak Engineer Makes Car That Runs Only On Water

Pak Engineer Makes Car That Runs Only On Water

A Pakistani engineer has claimed to have built a water-kit to run vehicles on water.

During a demonstration in a live TV show, Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmed drove his car using water as fuel. The engineer was of the opinion that vehicles could be driven by a system fuelled by distilled water instead of petroleum products.

Waqar Ahmed while explaining his project said the water fuelling system was a simple technology in which ‘hydrogen bonding’ with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run a car engine.

He claimed that a vehicle will consume one-litre water for 40 kilometers while a one-KV generator could produce electricity for two hours by one-litre water.

A committee of the Pak cabinet praised the Water Fuel Kit Project and assured the engineer of full support in launching his innovation. The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) will study the feasibility of the project.

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