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Overweight People Remain Same Forever

Overweight People Remain Same Forever

Here is a bad news for overweight persons. A 55-year study in Britain has found out that once people gain weight, they can never regain their original size. Of the 12 million Britons who diet every year, less than 10 percent succeed in losing significant amounts of weight – again with putting it back on within a year. The national survey by the Medical Research Council sampled 5,362 men and women since their birth in 1946, and 20,000 people born in 1958 and assessed the lifestyles of them.

A member of council Rebecca Hardy explained “Both groups began increasing in weight in the 1980s and since then people have been increasing in mass all through life. For men it goes up steadily through life. For women it starts slowly and accelerates in the mid-30s. Once people become overweight they continue relentlessly upwards – hardly ever going down.” However the study adds that dieting has its own benefits.

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