On-line lady-friendship fraud

On-line lady-friendship fraud

Dangling an online bait of introducing high-profile women for friendship for a price,thirty-year-old Sarvesh Nigam, a marketing professional single-handedly made Rs. 40 lakh over the past four years using Country Club’s name. He would have raked in more money but his game came to an end finally on Monday after the club management approached CID officials complaining he was duping thousands at the cost of their image.

Nigam was caught while walking out of an ICICI bank’s ATM centre in Mumbai having withdrawn money deposited by one of his ‘customers’ and brought to city. He got tempted on seeing an online advertisement assuring introduction to women of high-profile for friendship on depositing a few thousand rupees.

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    please contact me &send your contact no. for friendship with me.
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    manoj from delhi