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Officials Gear up to Tackle to Dengue, Malaria

Officials Gear up to Tackle to Dengue, Malaria

Hyderabad, July 25 (INN): Hyderabad Joint Collector G Rekha Rani, GHMC Additional Commissioner (Health and Sanitation) L Vandan Kumar, District Medical and Health Officers of Ranga Reddy and Hyderabad Districts held a coordinating meeting with Assistant Medical Officers of Health, Chief Entomologist and Assistant Entomologists with regard to communicable diseases with special focus on Dengue and Malaria for their control and prevention at Panwar Hall on Thursday.

Rekha Rani directed all the Medical Officers to be vigilant while performing their duties and in identifying the hot spots and special focus must be in slum areas. The Joint Collector has requested Additional Commissioner (H&S) to provide a list of slums to all the concerned officials in order to conduct medical camps in slums to create awareness about the ill effects of the communicable diseases.

The Joint Collector said that last year also both the Medical Department and GHMC jointly organized Medical Camps and derived good results. She has pointed out that last year neither the Assistant Medical Officer nor the Assistant Entomologist were present. The main aim of both the Departments is to create awareness about the communicable diseases to the citizens and to help them in controlling such menace.

Vandan Kumar directed the Chief Entomologist to display flex banners at all the Medical Camps for easy identification and to create awareness about joint operations taken up by both the Government departments. He has directed all the Medical Officers and Assistant Entomologists to be present at the medical camps by duly coordinating with the medical staff while conducting medical camps failing which stern action will be initiated against the officers concerned for dereliction of duties.

He further directed all the Medical and Entomology officers to coordinate with all the concerned Corporators and inform them about the conduct of medical camps in their areas. He further directed to involve the local Corporators and also Public Representatives from 1st August onwards for special drives as there will be not any election code.

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