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Octopus: ‘St Paul of Football’

Octopus: 'St Paul of Football'

Is the animal race more superior than the humans? It appears so. When an inconspicuous video of an octopus in a fibre-glass box with a German flag inside was put up on YouTube, it hardly had a thousand hits. Today, there are at least 100 videos on the site about ‘St Paul of Football with combined hits no less than 100 million!

Astrologers, however, say that this again proves that animal instincts are superior to humans. But none of them thought that people will prefer animals to astrologers, when it comes to predictions.

“Paul has successfully proved that the animal race is superior than the humans, which only I knew before him. I needed something like him before my marriage, now that my marriage has already happened,” exclaims comedian-actor Cyrus Broacha.

Stand-up artist/actor Vir Das is still seething in anger after Germany’s loss. “The correct place for Paul is on the sushi platter.”

VJ Nikhil Chinappa says he supports the movement of rechristening the Octopus as ‘St Paul Of Football’. “Considering the amount of footage he has got during the FIFA Cup, he should get that name. He has my vote,” he says.

“There is a reason why you should keep an aquarium. Your pet will know 21 days in advance before you fall gravely sick,” says Tarot reader Sunita Menon. Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani talks about a cat he knew, “Oscar lived in Rhodes Island (USA) and he can tell when people will die. It also explains why animals are least affected during a natural disaster like the Tsunami.”

Bejan Daruwalla, who had his predictions bang on like Paul adds, “We have both got it right. But I was a little more

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