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Nityananda’s sex tapes are genuine

Nityananda's sex tapes are genuine

The videotape that exposed controversial spiritual guru Nityananda Swami’s alleged sexcapades leading to a criminal case against him by the Chennai police and subsequently the Bidadi police and Karnataka’s Criminal Investigation Department is “genuine” and “untampered”, according to laboratory tests.. The forensic experts have certified that the tape is “original, unedited and untampered. It has not been morphed,” said the source.

The video allegedly shot by Nityananda’s former devotee Lenin Karuppan in his ashram in Bidadi had the tainted guru with the Tamil actress Ranjitha in a compromising position.

The originality of the tape was questioned by his Dhyanapeethamashram and Nityananda all through remained evasive when questioned if the man in the video footage was him.

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