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Minorities Commission Chief Suggests Industrial Hub For NRIs On Wakf Land

Minorities Commission chief suggests industrial hub for NRIs on Wakf land

Hyderabad, August 22 (INN): In an announcement that could trigger major controversy within the Muslim community, State Minorities Commission chairman Abid Rasool Khan proposed to acquire prime Wakf land in Chevella to develop industrial and education hub for NRIs.

Since all Wakf properties in the State are governed by “Mansha-e-Wakf” (object of wakf) and they could be utilised as per the purpose for which they were endowed, Rasool Khan’s suggestion is likely to draw flak from the religious heads. Similar proposals made in the past received severe criticism from the religious heads. Similarly, the proposal to convert Wakf land into industrial hub for NRIs is most likely to face criticism and rejection.

Abid Rasool Khan made the suggestion while addressing a meeting of NRIs that he convened in the State Secretariat on Thursday. He also advocated extension of Arogyasri Schemes to the families of NRIs living in Hyderabad.

Prominent NRIs including Syed Ashfaq, Dr Haseebullah and Aijaz Ahmed Khan listed the problems being faced by NRIs, especially those working in Saudi Arabia and other Middle-East countries. Besides seeking health insurances for their families, they asked the government to take steps to provide protection to their properties, guidance for safe investments, pensions and job opportunities for those who return after 10 years.

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