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Kathi Karthika most popular TV anchor

Kathi Karthika most popular TV anchor

Most of the Telugu TV channels have the regular programmes about news, movies, serials, games, health care and interviews. Many of the programmes are predictable and quite conservative with sedate anchors.

A new TV channel V6 has come out with an interactive programme anchored by Karthika at 9:30 pm. It is a Fun Masthi programme with a bubbly, ebullient anchor Karthika goes about her act with utterly no inhibitions. Her way of asking questions. the personal touch she gives while answering callers on phone and her care-free laughter, made her the most popular anchor. Her Telangana slang is witty and endearing.

Karthika’s V6 programme videos have gone viral and get an enormous level of hits.

Watch her Programmes Here – Katti Karthika

During her programme, Kathi Karthika can be called on # 08790999240 or 08790999246  (Starting at 9.30 pm)

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