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IT server crashes at Secretariat

IT server crashes at Secretariat

Hyderabad, Dec 27 : The State Government, which boasts of promoting Information Technology in Andhra Pradesh on a large scale was left red-faced on Monday after the main server at the Secretariat crashed and remained non-functional for over eight hours.

This was seen as a huge embarrassment for the government as many important files and decision were affected at the seat of administration of the state.

The server problem, which cropped up in the morning, continued for eight hours and could not be rectified by the team of experts causing a lot of inconvenience to media and other officials.

On account of this, many personnel were seen moving from on computer to the other, hoping to find one which could help them complete some pending works needed to be done on an urgent basis.

Whoever filed reports was surprised to see them vanishing from the computer screens.

The officials themselves were helpless to address the problem.

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