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Industries Cheer as State Lifts Power Cuts

Industries Cheer as State Lifts Power Cuts

Hyderabad, Aug 1 (INN): In a significant development, owing to the heavy rains, very good inflows in Krishna Basin and subsequent reduction of demand, the power utilities on Thursday lifted the total power cuts to the industrial sector.

Energy Department Special Chief Secretary M Sahoo while reviewing the general power supply position with Suresh Chanda, MD/APTRANSCO, P Ramesh, JMD/APTRANSCO, Munindra, Spl. Secretary, Energy and other senior officials, said that the lifting of power cuts was a good news to about 2.5 lakh industrial consumers in the State who will get their full quota of contracted demand after a long period. The highest reservoir levels and optimization of power generation through Hydel plants helped the state to remove the power holidays to industries which paves way for industrial and economical development of the State, he said.

Suresh Chanda suggested CMDs of all DISCOMs to focus on extending adequate supply to all categories of consumers, especially for the Domestic and Industrial sectors apart from ensuring seven hours power supply to farming community as per the Government policy. TheCMD further stated that the reliable & interruption free supply to industrial consumers will be provided through express feeders.

In the meanwhile, APTRANSCO has received a communication from APERC removing the prevailing Restriction & Control (R&C) measures with effect from 1st August so that all categories of consumers covered under R&C measures can now avail 100 per cent power supply.

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