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India’s first ICBM Agni-V test-fired successfully

India's first ICBM Agni-V test-fired successfully

India on Thursday successfully test-fired the 5,000-km range Agni-V strategic missile. The solid-fuelled Agni-V was tested from Wheeler Island off the Odisha coast at 8.07 am.

DRD0 chief controller of missiles, Avinash Chander said that all the mission objectives have been met.

The nuclear-capable, three-stage Agni-V, about 50-tonne in weight and 17.5-metre tall, will become fully operational by 2014-2015 and India then joins the super exclusive ICBM(intercontinental ballistic missile) club that counts just US, Russia,China, France and UK as its members.

With a canister-launch system to impart higher road mobility, the missile will give the armed forces much greater operational flexibility than the earlier-generation of Agni missiles.

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