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India To Raise 5L Warriors To Combat Cyber War

India To Raise 5L Warriors To Combat Cyber War

A strategic plan is being drawn by National Security Advisor ( NSA) Shivshankar Menon, in association with private sector, to raise an army of 5 lakhs IT professional to thwart the threat of cyber attacks from a host of hostile entities.

India faced a severe situation during the 2010 Commonwealth Games when cyber attacks from Pakistan and China sought to damage information systems. There were attacks on a machine at the National Security Council secretariat itself as well as computers at Military Engineering Services (MES).

A Canadian investigation in 2010 revealed that Chinese hackers had reached Indian missions at Kabul, Moscow, Dubai, Abuja, US, Serbia, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, the UK and Zimbabwe. Chinese hackers have targeted a large number of institutions, even stealing data from schools run by the armed forces.

Most of the attacks on India originate from countries like the US, China, Russia, a few east European countries and Iran.

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