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India successfully launches spy satellite Risat-1

India successfully launches spy satellite Risat-1

An Indian rocket PSLV-C19, on Thursday, successfully launched into orbit an indigenous microwave Radar Imaging Satellite (Risat-1) from the spaceport at Sriharkota in Andhra Pradesh.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C19 (PSLV-C19) was standing 44.5 metres tall and weighing 321 tons. The Risat-1 satellite weighed 1,858 kg and has a life span of five years. It was delivered into a polar circular orbit at an altitude of 480 km and an orbital inclination of 97.552 degrees.

The Risat-1 would be useful for disaster prediction and monitoring agriculture forestry. The high resolution pictures and microwave imaging would also be used for defence purposes as it can look through the clouds and fog.

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