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IAC Explodes Swiss Bomb

IAC Explodes Swiss Bomb

IAC chief Aravind Kejriwal who is giving sleepless nights to leading national parties Cong and BJP , yesterday exploded Swiss Bomb on Black Money. He revealed documents alleging Rahul Gandhi’s key aides Tandons, Ambanis have Rs 100crs in their swiss accounts. He said leading bank HSBC is involved in hawala activities and is also supporting terrorist and anti India activities. He claimed first time minister in Manmohan Cabinet provided the information to him.
He said former ED Tandon who conducted raids on Reliance before becoming close to Ambanis, his wife Anu Tandon each having Rs 125c rs. Ambanis Mukesh and Anil both have Rs 100 crs.Montek software company in which Mukesh has stake has rs 500 crs, JET airways Naresh Goel Rs 80crs and even Dabur group having account. He questioned why Govt is not raiding Reliance and HSBC offices. He even said Govt tipped off Reliance and HSBC about the accounts and that was the reason why HSBC issued statement that Mukesh name was included in the list by mistake.

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