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‘Holi” Bhang to be sold as chocolates by US firm

'Holi" Bhang to be sold as chocolates by US firm

‘Bhang’ is one of the few legally available preparations of cannabis plant in India and is associated with Holi and Shivratr festivals and associated with Lord Shiva in the Hindu mythology. It is smoked and also consumed as a beverage or doughed up as semi-solid candies.

Adding a new recipe of this ancient Indian intoxicant, chocolateur Scott J Van Rixel plans to start selling at least two types of ‘Bhang’ chocolates soon in the US and will later consider expanding to India, if regulations permit.

The product, to be produced and sold in the US for now and possibly in our country later, will be called ‘Bhang: The Original Cannabis Chocolate’ and the New Mexico-based chololateur has sought a trademark for the same. If the trademark is granted, the Bhang word cannot be used for a chocolate or candy product by anyone else.

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