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GHMC Reviews Common Cable Ducts Proposal

GHMC Reviews Common Cable Ducts Proposal

Hyderabad, August 24 (INN): The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation on Saturday held a meeting to review the the proposal of Technical Feasibility, Costing and Designing of duct with the the stake Holders and the members of the Committee constituted by the State Government.

The meeting was attended by the members of the Committee and 26 representatives from different service providers like Vodafone, Tata, Idea, Aircel, Fibertel, Digicable, Siticable etc.

While presiding over the meeting, GHMC Commissioner M T Krishna Babu explained in detail about the proposed ducts for carrying the Power and Communication Cables and the need to locate them in the centre of the road. After detailed discussions with all the participants, the followings decisions were taken.

The representatives from the service providers, who are technically conversant with the system of cables and their details, may come and sit with the officials of GHMC and fine tune the cross section of the proposed duct with regard to the size, shape, number of Cables, dia. of Cables etc.

GHMC proposes to construct the finalized duct in the Corridors of HMR route and charge the service providers at the calculated rate per Km. that will be arrived at considering the expenditure incurred for laying the same.

This rate will be calculated for the entire length of that corridor and the applied agency will have to pay for it irrespective of whether they lay the cable for a part length or whole length of corridor.

Incentive will be given in the form of first come first served basis and charged at the calculated rate based on the expenditure incurred for the agencies who apply later, they will be charged at the discretion of GHMC, at the then decided rates.

An Operation & Maintenance (O&M) operator will be selected based on tender basis every year and he will be given the operations and maintenance of the duct for that year.

For the detailed study and preparation of DPR, the project work is entrusted to INCAP (Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh). They will act as transaction adviser and also study the potential for laying the number of cables in each and every major road of the city.

They will also suggest the mode of execution of project i.e in PPP mode on BOT or by GHMC itself.

It has been decided to send a team of officials from GHMC along with the representatives of FACO (Federation of Arial Cable Operators) to visit Chennai, Calcutta etc and finalize the method of construction of the proposed duct.

D. Ronald Rose, Additional Commissioner (Planning), R Dhan Singh, Engineer-in-Chief, Chinna Reddy, Superintending Engineer (R&B), Srimannarayana, Superintending Engineer, GHMC and different stake holders of ducting have participated in the meeting.

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