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Former President Insensitive to Rapes

Former President Insensitive to Rapes

While anger and outrage is growing across the nation over the Delhi gang rape, a startling revelation shows that former President Pratibha Patil saved many rapists from death penalties. Even when Supreme Court termed the offenses as rarest of rare cases and sentenced them to death, Pratibha with her singnature saved them, allowing them to escape and commit more crimes though they did not show any remorse.

These include a convict who raped and killed a five-year-old and another who tried to rape a teenager and killed her family in revenge when she resisted.The most recent case was that of Uttar Pradesh’s Bantu who was convicted of raping and killing a five-year-old girl. The trial court awarded him death which was confirmed by the HC and the apex court. On death row since June 2008, his mercy petition was accepted by President Pratibha Patil in June 2012. Another convict Satish raped and murdered a six-year-old girl, Visakha, in Uttar Pradesh in 2001. His death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by President Patil in May 2012. The last accused hanged was Dhananjoy Chatterjee who was found guilty of rape and murder of a 14-year-old.

Following are the rapists who escaped death penalty

Bantu raped and killed a five-year-old girl — June 2012

Satish raped and murdered a six-year-old girl — May 2012

Molai Ram & Santosh Yadav gang raped and murdered the 10-year-old daughter of a jailor — February 2011

Dharmender Singh and Narendra Yadav tried to rape a girl, then killed her family — June 2010

This itself shows how insensitive India’s first ever woman President to rapes.

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