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FiberOptic Lines in Telangana to Connect all Panchayats Digi

Fiber-Optic Grid Would Transform all Panchayats to E-Secretariats and Give all Villages’ Access to Hig Speed Internet

In a landmark move aimed to provide digital connectivity and e-Governance not just to the developed zones in Telangana as before, but have all the 8778 Panchayats connected, the Telangana State Government had recently announced a proposal to provide internet access to all villages in the state. This will have locals and the Panchayat staff gets access to a minimum speed of 2 Mbps in the initial stages and would be staged to 10 Mbps in the coming years. The idea is to have all villages get internet connectivity and turn about 2400 Panchayats into mini e-Secretariats for better governance, starting with the Domakonda Panchayat in Nizambad district.

The proposal is similar to the water grid system providing easy drinking water to all villages, and would give citizens access to digital services for revenue, agriculture, medical, education, scheme benefits amongst others. The internet connection can also be used for personal needs, apart from a special scheme that would give benefits for owing a Customer Premise Equipment in a citizen’s house, that would turn their existing television into a smart TV as well as Wi-Fi hotspot.

The scheme is being launched by the KCR government and a public enterprise company Rail Tel has shown interest in laying the communication cables across the state. It’s also proposed to involve local cable operators and citizens in the maintenance works, and have at least 40 %of the revenue shared with them for setting up new projects.

The scheme would help in a long way in achieving total digital connectivity and fast track governance in Telangana, and specific details would be announced shortly after a review.

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