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Dilapidated Buildings: GHMC Wants Owners to Pay for Demolition

Dilapidated Buildings: GHMC Wants Owners to Pay for Demolition

Hyderabad, July 29 (INN): GHMC Commissioner MT Krishna Babu on Monday said that the GHMC has initiated action against the dilapidated buildings as on today 654 buildings have been identified out of which 361 have already been demolished, remaining 293 buildings are to be taken up and notices have been issued to the owners for strengthening the buildings, failing which GHMC will demolish the buildings by duly collecting the demolition charges from the building owners.

The Commissioner said that most of the owners are giving information to the Call Centre on 155304 basing on the grievances received those buildings are being inspected by the Assistant City Planner and Executive Engineers concerned. If any confusion arises regarding the strength and stability of the building, GHMC is taking the services of the 3rd party like JNTU and other organizations for cross checking the structural stability.

Krishna Babu said that most of the citizens are representing their grievances in Prajavani, Call Centre and Grievance Cell with regard to encroachments at Parks. GHMC has already taken up construction of compound walls on open spaces and GHMC parks to safeguard the its properties and from the last 3 years 700 open spaces have been identified and constructed compound walls, he said. The Commissioner said this year GHMC has sanctioned Rs. 15 crores to take up the construction of compound walls on all the open spaces and Parks and GHMC is committed/ resolved to construct 100 per cent compound walls to the existing Open spaces and Parks.

The Commissioner said that with regard to un-authorized and Panachayat lay outs and lot of legal disputes are being observed as some of the owners are submitting fake documents to encroach the land un-authorizedly. In this connection the Commissioner said that he will be directing Municipal Standing Council and the Town Planning Wing to play a key role and to bestow special focus on these lay outs to curb the encroachments and to protect the property of GHMC.

With Regard to Ramzan and Bonalu Festivals the Commissioner said that Rs 10 crore for Bonalu and Rs 12 crore for Ramzan have been sanctioned to take up the works such as improvement of sanitation, deploying additional vehicles for lifting of debris in and around worship places, providing of temporary street lights and toilets wherever required and also making arrangements for parking near the worship places are being taken up by GHMC for the ensuing festivals.

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