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DiCaprio’s passion for environment- Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood actor, is doing his bit to save the environment by producing an eco-documentary called The 11th Hour that will not only highlight the effects of global warning but will also help rescue the world from the perils of climate change.

In the film, the 33-year-old actor asks scientists, politicians and activists what can be done to save the crisis-hit world. The 11th Hour is available to buy on DVD from June 2.

On his passion for environment
The environment has been a huge passion of mine ever since I was very young. I was really affected by documentaries that I saw as a kid about the rainforests, the mass extinction that’s going on right now.

On the film The 11th Hour
We were trying to make a film that would really impact on people, to the point where they leave the movie theatre facing the harsh realities of what will happen to this planet and us in the future if we don’t make a change.

But we also wanted to highlight and, hopefully, inspire people to realise there are a lot of solutions out there if they become active. That’s the whole key to making this movie – inspiring people to become more educated about this subject and to take action personally. And hopefully, when people see this movie, they’ll be emotionally impacted and want to do something about it.

On the purpose of the film
Most of the scientific community is in agreement that mankind is playing a major role in global warming. The whole purpose of making this film stemmed from wanting to listen to the consensus of the overwhelming majority of scientists.

Making it was a profound experience for me because I really wanted to play the role of somebody who was, hopefully, asking the right questions of people who have devoted their lives to this issue.
On environmental protection
For me, simply as a citizen of the United States, I wanted to hear what these people had to say in an uninterrupted form. I wanted to hear about their life’s work and what they’ve been studying all this time.

We wanted to make a human film revealing the harsh realities of what will happen if we continue with business as usual. But we also highlight the great possibilities that are out there.

There are technologies that are in place right now that can reduce the ecological imprint by 90 per cent. And it’s time that we, as the people, started urging the powers-that-be to try to infuse this into our daily lives, to the point where we don’t even need to think about it anymore.

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