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Dancer Mallika Sarabhai to fight bigotry

Dancer Mallika Sarabhai to fight bigotry

Danseuse and social activist Mallika Sarabhai, coming from a society which is grappling with issues like communal harmony, firmly believes that Indian society is blinded by prejudice and would take a generation to get rid of bigotry.

What people need to understand, she says is that society is like a body. “If one part of me has cancer all of my body is in danger. If we are mistreating one community then the whole society is in danger.”

“Prejudice in religion, caste poses an existential threat to society,” she says describing the levels of intolerance fed by politics or religion as frightening. In her home State of Gujarat, she is currently working with children as young as six years, to remove malice among younger generation. “Most of the hatred is fed to us,” she says, “Unless we work with young people we will not be able to change anything.”

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