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Cyberabad Police Prepare SOP to Deal with Land Disputes

Hyderabad, Sept 22 (INN): The Cyberabad Police is preparing a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for fair enquiry into the large numbers of complaints involving disputes related to land and other properties on a daily basis.

According to Cyberabad Commissioner CV Anand, almost all the police stations of Cyberabad Commissionerate are receiving a large number of complaints involving disputes related to land and other properties on a daily basis. “As is known, due to IT boom the values of land in Cyberabad area increased phenomenally in the last 15 years,” he said.

“In the absence of standard title registration schemes in the country and the confusion over multiple land ownership records in Rangareddy dist, Police officers are a confused lot and do not know how to deal with these disputes and some of them are taking advantage of grey areas. On the other hand land grabbers also take advantage of loopholes in the system and bring about lot of grief to genuine investors. For conduct of a fair enquiry and to avoid such allegations, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is prepared which will guide the Investigating Officers on proper lines,” the Commissioner said.

As many as 21 situations (or types) in which police officers receive complaints about land disputes have been identified after detailed seminars and taking feedback of all 450 SI and above rank police officers in Cyberabad in the presence of Civil, Criminal and Revenue Law experts and the SOP has been finalized.

The main objectives of this SOP include giving a standardized frame of reference and set of instructions to police officers when dealing with land dispute cases; To reduce the discretion of individual police officers when dealing with such cases which may lead to favoring of a certain party to the conflict and to avoid getting a bad name to the police department by getting involved beyond the legal limits.

Investigating officers of Cyberabad have been instructed to follow the SOP scrupulously while dealing the land related cases. Any deviation in this regard will be viewed seriously and will be dealt with accordingly, Anand said.

This SOP has been submitted to the DGP office and Govt. for perusal/ study. (INN)

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