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Cyberabad Police Apprehended Two-Gangs Of 8 Members

C V Anand

Hyderabad, Sept 10 (INN): Cyberabad Police apprehended two-gangs consisting of 8 members & Recovered one country made Revolver, one long talwar, two Daggers ( Jambias ) two Batton swords, one Axe, two gold rings, one gold kadiyam, one Accent car ,three swords and net cash of Rs 5.50 Lakhs

Inspector CCS Kukatpally and his team apprehended one notorious old chain snatcher namely Kamandalam Narsing Das Goud & two other offenders (Madupu. Nagesh @ Nagesh and Vadlamanati. Kranthi Kumar) and seized one country made Revolver, one long Talwar, two Daggers (Jambias) two Baton swords and one Axe. Who are hatched plan to Murder one Wahed (Rowdy sheeter of Sanathnagar P.S.) along with two associates.

On receipt of reliable information the Inspector CCS Kukatpally A.Sanjeeva Rao and his team apprehended above three persons and recovered the One country made Revolver ( Without rounds ), One long Talwar, Two Daggers (Jambias), Two Baton swords, One Axe and One Gold Kadiyam from them.

Right now against K Narsing das goud there are total 28 NBWs, are pending.

The Second gang, the Inspector CCS Rajendranagar and his team apprehended one Notorious Criminal Pseudo Police gang headed by DAKURI BABU@DAKKALI BABU and four others including one Lady Madhavi@Madhu and recovered two gold rings, one gold kadiyam, one Accent car, three swords and net cash of Rs 5.50 Lakhs.

Of late the Alwal area has become the hot bed for notorious criminals. The Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad had specially concentrated in unearthing the activities of criminal gangs and activated the special wings CCS and SOT. As such in a joint operation CCS Rajendranagar and SOT, Cyberabad had gathered information and conducted raid at Hasmathpet, Alwal along with local police and apprehended one notorious criminal gang headed by one Dakuri Babu @ Dakkali Babu, age 27 yrs of Alwal along with his gang members viz., Bobbili Kiran, Shiva Prasad @ Shiva, Mahesh of Alwal area and one lady associate Madhu @ Madhavi of Malakpet who committed series of robberies and extortions posing as pseudo police and collected cash and gold to the tune of several lakhs in the limits of Cyberabad and Hyderabad.

Modus operandi :- Mainly this gang committed the extortions posing as pseudo police. One of gang member offers double cash to the gullible people and at the time of exchange of cash, the other members of the gang would scoop down as real police and extracted money under threat of foisting police cases. As such this gang committed so far (5) offences during the last One year at Suchitra junction, Hasmathpet and extracted money about 5 lakhs and spent lavishly.

Further this gang has innovated another idea of extorting money from innocent people by using sex workers as agents. Initially the lady/sex worker would call the male persons to her house and the gang members suddenly barge in to the house by posing as pseudo police/Taskforce and threaten and bet them by foisting prostitution cases and as such they extorted money to the tune of 10 lakhs cash and gold. Owing to fear nobody turned out immediately to police stations for complaining.

Under the supervision of Smt Janaki Sharmila Addl. DCP (Crimes) Cyberabad. Two teams headed by K Govardhan OSD, SOT and M Venkateshwarlu ACP (Crimes) apprehended these two gangs SOT Inspectors Kushalkar and Chadra Shekar and CCS Inspectors of kukatpally and Rajendranagar namely A Sanjeev Rao and B Surender Rao and their teams has done good work by apprehended above two criminal gangs and prevented two murders of sayeed waheed, Rowdy sheeter of sanath nagar PS and one Narshima of BJP party leader of Hasmathpet and recovered one country made Revolver, one long Talwar, two Daggers (Jambias) two Batton swords and one Axe, two gold rings, one gold kadiyam, one Accent car and net cash of Rs.5.50 Lakhs.

Commissioner of Police Cyberabad C V Anand, IPS., appreciated the teams.

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