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Cyberabad CP Visits Sensitive Gram Panchayats

Cyberabad CP Visits Sensitive Gram Panchayats

Hyderabad, July 22 (INN): Cyberabad Police Commissioner CV Anand on Monday visited hypersensitive villages in view of Gram Panchayat elections.

The Gram Panchayat elections will be held in two phases in Cyberabad Commissionerate. First phase of elections will be conducted on Tuesday in 190 (1 GP election over unanimously) Gram Panchayathees. The second phase will be in 44 villages on 27th of this month. Out of 235 Gram Panchayathees, sensitive villages are 93, hyper sensitive villages are 74 villages and remaining 68 Gram Panchayathees are normal in Cyberabad Commissionerate.

While visiting the villages, the Commissioner interacted with the local public and participated in peace rallies. He visited Ahmedguda (V) of Keesara, Dundigal, Ravalkole of Medchal, Adibatla of Ibrahimpatnam, Nagaram of Maheshwaram, Neduluru of Kandukur and educated the public to run the elections peacefully. He suggested that people should cost their votes in peaceful manner. He told villagers if they observe any suspicious movements they can inform local Police for necessary actions. He requested the public to co-operate with police in conducting elections peacefully.

Meanwhile, the Ghatkesar police seized Rs 9,550 cash in Annojiguda and seized 32 liquor bottles in Ismailkhanguda.

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