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Craze for 12-12-12 Babies

Craze for 12-12-12 Babies

In the present generation of media attention, craze is on for any small thing and it is more with regards to fancy numbers and rare happenings. One such event is going to unfold as 12-12-12 is fast approaching. It will not occur again and as such all expected moms are competing with each other to give birth on this significant date.

Last year it was 11-11-11 and over 70 babies were born in Bangalore on November 11, 2011. Various hospitals in Bangalore, like Fortis, BGS Global Hospitals, Cradle, Cloudnine and Columbia Asia, have about three to seven caesarian (C-section ) deliveries lined up on December 12. But the hospitals have a caveat: they won’t allow any woman to undergo a caesarean delivery if she has not completed 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Some astrologers and analysts are also having field day as to whether the date is lucky or not. The date 12-12-12 may be considered auspicious numerologically as it adds up to the lucky 9. But astrologers beg to differ. Says Daivajna K N Somayaji, astrologer and vaastu expert: “It is absolutely foolish to deliver a baby on a particular fancy date. This is only a hype created by some numerologists. As per vedic shastra this date falls just before Amavasya and is not considered auspicious at all.”

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