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Class of 1963: St Anthony’s School meets Today

Class of 1963: St Anthony’s School meets Today

The Class of 1963, St Anthony’s School, the 2nd batch of Higher Secondary & Multipurpose School, under the headmastership of late Rt Rev Gopu Inna Reddy, former Bishop of Visakhapatnam Diocese, are meeting today, April 25, at the school premises in Visakhapatnam.

The meet is convened by Dr L Raghava Rao, MBBS,MS,FRCS, a well known and reputed Orthopedic surgeon in Visakhapatnam and a former president of Indian Medical Association.

Some of the St Anthony’s Class of 1963 include Dr G Sunder Rao, Dr Achari, Pilla Satyanarayana, Karamchetti Prabhakar, D Seshagiri Rao, PY Deena Kumar among others.

PY Deena Kumr is presently Film Critic & Editor of your web magazine jollyhoo.com.

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