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Caesarean newsDuring the print media hey days we used to be getting what can be called as final report for the day regarding an incident. Now it is all changed. As the doctors carry out caesarean operation even before mother delivers the baby the journalists are beaming flashings even before the news is born. Want any examples? There are umpteen number of incidents where electronic media over reacted and hurt the feelings of the people. The best one could be the recent hospitalization of noted actor Mallikarjunarao.
Even before doctors pronounced his death the media killed him to the surprise of many.
In the past people used to wait for the news bulletins now the channels are waiting for news and in some instances they made non-news items as main news and fooled the people ,the best case for this is writer Chinni Krishna’ financial transaction with an actress.
Such are the sorry state of affairs in the electronic media that they are never apologetic for wrong reporting still carrying out news coverage unabashedly.

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