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Beware Of Missed Calls Starting With +92; #90 or #09: Your SIM Card Gets Cloned

Beware Of Missed Calls

If you get a missed call starting with +92; #90 or #09, don’t call back because chances are it would lead to your SIM card being cloned. The telecom service providers are now issuing alerts to subscribers, particularly about the series mentioned above, as the moment one presses the call button after dialing the above number, someone at the other end will get your phone and SIM card cloned.

According to reports, more than one lakh subscribers have fallen prey to this new telecom terror attack as the frequency of such calls continues to grow.

RV Verma, General Manager, BSNL, said the department had already issued alerts to all the broadband subscribers and now alert SMSes were being issued to other subscribers as well.

It is better not to respond to calls received from unusual calling numbers. At the same time one should avoid storing specifics of their bank account, ATM/ Credit/Debit card numbers and passwords in their phone memory because if one falls a prey to such crooks then the moment your cell phone or sim are cloned, the data will be available to the crooks who can withdraw amount from your bank accounts as well.

The menace that threatens to steal the subscriber’s information stored in the phone or external memory (sim, memory & data cards) has a very scary side as well. Once cloned, the culprits can well use the cloned copy to make calls to any number they wish to. This exposes the subscribers to the threat of their connection being used for terror calls.

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