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Azharuddin and Sangeetha Bijlani enter Splitsville ?

Azharuddin and Sangeetha Bijlani enter Splitsville ?

The match between Azharuddin and Sangeetha Bijlani thought to be forever was just an illusion, as Azzu bhai and Sangeetha have called it quits.

Rumours that ex-captain of Team India and model are filing for divorce. The same reason what made Azhar to marry Sangeetha about 14 years ago is back again. The stylish ex-cricketer was attracted to badminton player Jwala Gutta.

Azhar recently gifted a BMW to Jwala. The couples are sharing single room in star hotels. Azhar first married to Noureen. If the rumours come true, it will be third marriage for Azhar. Will he be third time lucky or just say Talak three times after some time?

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