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Australian racists continue attacks

Australian racists continue attacks

Australian racists continue attacks

It seems the Australian government fails to control the racist attacks on Indian students. Recently, three unidentified persons have attacked an Indian student Mr. Hardhik Bipinbai, who is studying in Melbourne University.

When he fell unconscious with their attack the three racists robbed his personnel belongings and thrown him far away from his place. An old man who saw him fell unconscious has rushed Bipinbai to a nearby hospital. Now he is slowly recovering from the injuries.

There are more than 95,000 Indian students are studying in Australia. The latest developments force Indian students and their parents to reconsider their decision to take admissions in Australia. During the last one month period more than twelve times racists targeted Indians students. The racist’s attacks make it inevitable for Indian students to opt for alternative destinations for their higher studies.

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