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ATA Thanks Minister S.M.Krishna for Tri Valley Help

ATA Thanks Minister S.M.Krishna for Tri Valley Help

ATA would like to express our sincere gratitude & thanks to Indian external affairs minister Sri. S. M. Krishna for taking initiative on Tri-Valley “sham” and reaching out to US secretary of state Mrs. Hillary Clinton for brining pressure on US government to provide students with a viable option(s) to continue their education. Since the Tri-Valley “sham” broke out, ATA has worked relentlessly with several ATA legal partner(s) in providing necessary legal guidance and support to the affected students. ATA also made numerous representations to various US Senator(s) & Congressmen to provide details and request their immediate attention to resolve the matter promptly and provide students a viable option to transfer to other universities. ATA was in constant contact with the Indian Consulate General offices in various cities and also approached Indian Ambassador to put pressure on US to resolve the matter in the interests of students who are the victims of this scam.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last week released an update to affected Tri-Valley students and provided them with different legal options. ATA requests the affected students to contact ICE immediately to find out the legal options available for them. ATA also worked with legal partners in providing “ATA discounted price” for Tri-Valley students for legal help. In view of the recent shams ATA would like to request all the international students specially Telugu students to register their information at ATA website so ATA can assist them in case of emergency situations in the future. ATA also setup up a separate email address to assist international students in helping them with any questions related to guidance and counseling. Recently ICE released general guidelines for international students seeking admission in US universities on how not to fall in to these kinds of shams. Detailed information about these guidelines and all the latest information are currently posted on student forum under ATA website.

ATA would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the main stream Indian media for brining the Tri-Valley issue to the forefront for the last one month and in helping the Tri-Valley student community. ATA also appreciates work of various other Telugu organizations in support of students in Tri-Valley scam. ATA has setup a plan to conduct counseling sessions in various US universities to bring awareness among Telugu students on various issues facing the Student community. ATA (American Telugu Association) is an established non-profit organization serving Telugu community in North America for over 25 years. For more details about ATA and its humanitarian services to Telugu community, please visit ATA website at http://www.ataworld.org.

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