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AP’s Proposal To Release Oslo Coupe Rejected

AP's Proposal To Release Oslo Coupe Rejected

Sometime back Norway’s court to sentence software engineer couple V.Chandrasekhar and his wife Anupama for around one year created sensation sending shock waves across the state. During that time The Govt assured the couple and their family to make all efforts to get them released on humanitarian grounds. However the Govt efforts seeking their release from Norway seems to have failed as the Norwegian Government rejected its request to release the couple hailing from Hyderabad.

Norwegian court sentenced techie V. Chandrasekhar and his wife Anupama to imprisonment for 18 months and 15 months respectively after the police charged them with punishing their son Sai Ram in a heneious manner. Police said the couple burned Sai Sriram on leg with a hot spoon, hit him with belt and utensils several times and even scaring him by threatening to burn him on his tongue.

NRI cell special secretary N. V. Ramana Reddy confirming the news said, “We received the reply from Norway on Monday. Their government told us that the Supreme Court of Norway upheld the conviction against them and they have to undergo imprisonment.”. AP Govt had earlier written letter to Norwegian’s Govt to release the couple as their other kids will be left alone in Hyderabad. The couple already served 6 months of court sentence.

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