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All is not well at Puttaparthi Sathya Sai Trust

All is not well at Puttaparthi Sathya Sai Trust

After Rs 35.50 lakh was found in a Qualis car belonging to the Sathya Sai Central Trust which was intercepted while proceeding towards Bangalore, Trust members, R J Rathnakar and V Srinivasan, were called for questioning by the Anantapur district police. Three persons, Harish Nanda Shetty, Sohan Shetty and Shekhar, Srinivasan’s driver, were arrested and sent to judicial remand in connection with the cash seizure.

Police are likely to question the two Trust members about the sources of the money which was seized. The two trust members will also be asked to reveal the details of the trust properties to the police as well as the income tax authorities.

The police authorities have asked the Income Tax officials to conduct searches and investigate the financial affairs of the two trust members.

Incidentally, a social activist Prabhakar has formed a public fact-finding mission to probe the activities of the trust members and the happenings in Prasanthi Nilayam after the death of Sai Baba.

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