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Al Qaeda is planning cyber terrorism

Al Qaeda is planning cyber terrorism

The death of Osama bin Laden has not dampened the jihad spirit of Al Qaeda. It has already called for acts of lone or individual terrorism as part of jihad against Zionists and their Western collaborators.

The British counter-terror intelligence says that the Al Qaeda has constituted a special unit called the Tariq bin Ziyad Brigades for Electronic Jihad. The members of this outfit are all computer savvy and will carry out electronic warfare.

They will target key computer systems in USA, England and other European countries in addition to Israel. They will also try to invade social network sites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.

As it is Al Qaeda is using Google Earth and Street View applications for planning terror attacks.

Tariq bin Ziyad Brigades will hack into security systems of Defence and Banking as part of their cyber jihad against the Western countries.

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