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A village in dense forest transforms into a 20 million gathering that consumes Unilever, Black Dogs, 100 Pipers, Coke, Pepsis..

That’s the magic and as a marketer its miraculous and wild dream. But that’s what Medaram offers you once in two years.

It’s about 20 million people that gathers during the three days event of Sammakka Saralamma Jathara at Medaram village in Warangal district of Telangana.

The biennial event’s history goes back to the 13th century, when the local rulers fought a heroic battle against the Kingdom of Kakatiyas. Sammakka, Saralamma and Jampanna and their entire family sacrificed their lives during the battle. Since then people of the region celebrate their sacrifices once in two years. Over these years it has become the largest human congregation at a single place. People from all walks of life participate in the festival, viz., rural and urban, tribal and non-tribal, educated and uneducated, women and men, children and elders etc. Though it’s called as tribal festival, more than 80% of the visitors are non tribal.

The upcoming Jathara is being organized during 17-20 Feb 2016 and all the arrangements are being underway to welcome the estimated 20 million visitors. People from Telangana, AP, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, MP, Maharastra, Karnataka etc participate in the event.

The Jathara happens at the Gadde( open temple), situated at the village. Huge ground with a radius of 10 km is prepared to accommodate the visitors with all the basic arrangements to facilitate the Jathara. Facilities like roads, water, sanitation, health and hygiene are being provided by the government with spending of more than Rs.250 crores.

The upcoming Jathara is the first one after the formation of Telangana state and as such it getting greater significance with special attention by the government.

For the first time, The Jathara is being advertised through large scale publicity by the government and its various departments like Telangana Tourism and others. The regional broadcasters telecast several news and features about the JAthara, prior to the commencement of it. During the Jathara period, most of the broadcasters beam live telecasting that spans long duration.

The Jathara venue is situated at 250 km from Hyderabad and about 100km from Warangal. The State Transport Corporation is deploying 4000 buses for plying the visitors, with a total capacity to carry four million passengers. More than one lakh private vehicles are expected to render their services for the Jathara.

Such a great gathering is a huge opportunity for any brand or organization to reach out to their targets. The ground is made as a single seamless open plain for better visibility and management of the festival. As such there is no other display available for any publicity, advertising/display.

For the first time, the jatara is going hi-tech with in venue broadcasting to all its visitors by live telecasting the Pooja of the jatara and all associated cultural and other content. Useful information is given to the visitors by the system, which consists of five giant LED screens with augmented audio, graphics and animation.

The broadcast becomes central for all communication requirements as well as engagement with the estimated 20 million visitors. The 20 X 12 ft screens with outdoor capability with its telecast will ensure that the visitors are treated with round the clock pilgrimage.

If I am a brand I would put all my best colors there. I even wonder if the marketers of many brands mentioned above are aware of the event.

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