A K Khan appointed Hyderabad Commissioner of Police

A K Khan appointed Hyderabad Commissioner of Police

A K Khan appointed Hyderabad Commissioner of Police

A K Khan, an IPS officer of the 1981 batch and additional DG, law and order, has been posted as the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, in place of B Prasada Rao, who has been posted as VC & MD of APSRTC.

The controversial former DGP S S P Yadav has been posted as the chairman of the Godavari Valley Development Authority. M Ratan, presently chairman of the Police Recruitment Board and an IPS officer hailing from the Telangana region has been appointed as the DG, law and order. DGP R R Girish Kumar hails from the Andhra region while AK Khan is from Rayalaseema.

33 Responses to “A K Khan appointed Hyderabad Commissioner of Police”

  1. Anas says:

    The legend is here, excellent commissioner ………. may Allah gives more promotions to him



  3. Syed Jameel says:

    I am in Saudi Arabi but I rememmber when I was in India Mr. Ak Khan was traffic police commissioner and once he came to Siyasat office for giving good ideas for police trainers and students at that time I was also participant in SI training batch, I really love him and his good ideas……..Thanks

  4. md nizam says:

    asalamualaukum sir app excelent officer hai.hands of you sir md nizamuddin app jaise emandar talented officers ke wajese hi hamara hyderabad ap chain se hai.app jaise ek police officer ke wajeh se hamlog sukun se rah rahe hai.inshaallah i meet you sir from mdnizamuddin mahabubnagar.8121819298

  5. fareed says:

    u r dynamic and sincere human being, u r the inspiration for other police personel.

  6. k.phaninder says:

    sir taking u as inspiration… i am preparing for the civils.. thanking you…
    yours sincerly,
    . phaninder

  7. prasad savalam says:

    sir I need your mail id & contact number .( At least mail id) .Send me As soon as possible.Thanking you sir….

  8. AbdulRasheed says:

    Mr. A.K.Khan,
    Pls adv how can we interact with you regarding suggestion for the betterment of our younger generation. Pls adv your email or your account on Facebook……Thanks

  9. Azhar uddin says:

    Assalam alaikum actually am ur relative(grand son) am proud to say dis but i din’t use or mis use ur name.

  10. SOHAIL says:

    salaam sir, i need your email address. allah hafiz sohail

  11. muskaan says:

    Assalamualaikum sir… ur one of the best Commissioner…..well done!!! :) may Alah paak give u more sucess..


    their is land graphing case in RK puram Officer colony Ranga Reddy secunderabad 500056

  13. vijayalakhshmi says:

    One question for you sir their is land graphing case in RK Puram Officer colony Ranga Reddy secunderabad 500056

  14. mahendra says:

    hi sir i am mahendra from bhoiguda, sec-bad ,nr upplamma temple, there a govt comminiti hall local mumber r taken d hall so plz take d atceion sir

  15. S GOPAL says:

    sir, may Gopal S/O shivasharanappa H. no
    39 Bolton Road Sec Bad
    mere complant maine kharkana police to reach a complant there not to take mahakahali also they no take a case I will to go TV what U Do Do

  16. mahesh says:

    sir ur my inspiration.

  17. mohammed sadiq says:

    aslam alakum iam from bahrain sir i like yould like to mantain a disipline ,u are the best commissoner of hyderabad excillent sir i like ur job u are the best officer in hyderabad thank u sir,allha give more sussfull ,

  18. Anwar says:

    I feel extreemly happy, looking a muslim officer at such a powerful possition. May allaha make u the DG of Andhra Pradesh.

  19. Hansraj Daga says:

    Mr.Hansraj Daga
    C 202, Saincher palace appt.
    East Marredpally.

    The Commissioner,
    Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation,

    Sub Complaint
    Dt: 22-102011


    We the residents of Street No. 2, East Marredpally, Secunderabad, would like to draw your attention to the following persistent problems and seek your good self to alleviate us from the hardship faced by us on a regular basis. We give below the various difficulties encountered by us and seek your intervention in the matter.

    1. A Chinese Food joint is operating inside the lane and it occupies half of the lane making it really difficult to enter the lane in a two/four wheeler. All his cooking vessels, vegetables are strewn on the lane and his customers also stand and eat right at the entrance of the lane. When we approach the lane from the main road every time we fear that either his customer or his vessels and utensils will come in our way, making it dangerous for us to drive through it. There is an apartment of 40 flats and five independent houses and in all we are around 150 people, who use this lane everyday at least twice. Most of them are students going in and out of the house for schools/coaching classes.

    1. This Chinese Food Joint was demolished by the then MCH five times in the past but the very second day he erects the structure and goes on with business. It is open till late in the night after 12-1 and all and sundry type of people frequent this place and after 8 in the night, drunk people brings their booze and sit in their vehicles and cars and drink and eat. The drunk people indulge in some very uncouth and compromising postures making it very difficult for the ladies of the houses to move out for their day to day shopping. The boys who are drunk pass lewd comments on them. Even the Police personnel of PS Tukaramgate with their beat vehicle visit and have a good meal and go away. They do not take any action.

    1. Just outside the entrance of the lane is a tea shop and autos are parked here , although it is not an auto stand. This completely blocks the view when we come out of our lane to go towards the right. Heavy incoming traffic from AOC gate and autos blocking our view makes it very dangerous for us to get out the lane in a vehicle. Even pedestrians find it difficult to walk through. Every day some person is injured as the view is totally blocked.

    1. Our contention is that the food joint and the tea stall are both operating illegally without GHMC permission. They have the backing of local goons of Secunderabad area and thus, we civilized people are unable to instill any fear in them. A Tiny tots pre-school nursery – ELLYS NURSERY SCHOOL, is also scheduled to come up in the lane in the next week, which will make the already congested lane a nightmare for us residents to move around.

    1. Please make necessary enquiries from your office, depute some honest officials who will not get swayed by the muscle and money power and help us find a solution to the persistent problem.

    Thanking you
    Yours truly

    Note : 200 hundred people are suffered and few are taking undue advantage. Without complaint and after complaint we claim closeness in intelligence and infrastructure.

    Residents of Street no 2 East marredpally main road. Near Lal Enterprises. Behind sent john Church.

    1. Saincher Palace apartment owners-
    2. Dr. Geeta Reddy………..
    3. Mr. Nambiar.
    4. Peace Residency apartment residents
    5. W H O India……………
    6. Chief Minister A P…………….
    7. Commissioner of police

  20. DR.T.K.K. NAIDU MDLLB says:

    aslam walkum eid Mubarak to and madam and kid allah give u long life and flying career dr naidu prof of forensic medicine

  21. SK,BABAR says:

    aslam alakum iam from HYDERABAD sir i like yould like to mantain a disipline ,u are the best commissoner of hyderabad excillent sir i like ur job u are the best officer in hyderabad thank u sir,allha give more sussfull

  22. Murthy says:

    Sir ,
    aslam alakum I am Murthy From Eastgodavari District.
    We have one problem.
    Sir we request you please help me .we have given Amount Rs 60000/- for job purpose . he was took the money but he was not given any job opportunity . that person is fraud us. His name:Mr Vardhan hyd that person Contact no 089713599999 We deposit the money in this Account Holder.Name :K Kuberalakshmi and A/C No Is ICICI – 007601533970 ,Jublehills Branch, hyd

  23. Sara Khan says:

    Sir, Can I meet you in person. I have two problems and want your guidance in this regard. I need 20-30 mins. time to explain my problem.

  24. lakshmi says:


    We are thank full to you for helping us

  25. mohd abdul kareem khan says:


  26. mamidi venu madhav, advocate & trained social worker says:

    why the police give vigils or noise during night time before the houses means to keep the people to wake up from 12.00 noon to 5.00 A.M. as thief/thieves commit robbery during these times and people by wakeup observe the thief/thieves. A genuine police will neither give vigils or noise nor disturb the sleep of the people during night times and secretively by doing spy operation caught the thief/thieves (this system has been practicing from time immemorial). Mr. A.K.Khan Shab, CP, Hyderabad says in the absence of vigils/noise each house requires a police constable to stop thefts but he does not have such police force. That is the reason Police failed to give full protection to people from the hands/acts of burglar thief/thieves. Several higher police officials visited developed countries at the cost of public on policing but there is no change in their work. Mr. Khan Shab follow my idea and achieve good results. mvenumadhav@yahoo.com

  27. mamidi venu madhav says:

    sir, launch my comment on your website, my suggestion is genuine one and I hope your website will place real picture before people.

  28. mohammed Akber says:

    Dear Sir,
    As Salam Alukum
    Thank you very much for the grade job I will pray always in Makkah about you allha will protect you always. And I am very happy for you true judgment and immediately action. Till now how many ipc officers came but no one did proper job accept you. Now we know what the real police job.
    I am now 32 years old this is a first time in my life I saw perfect honest true judgment police officer if our all Indian police will do proper job after that one by one all is going to correct and then India will come number one position. i proud i am in Indian but i disturb by system hope soon it will come changes. allha will bless you. We proud of you

  29. Asif says:

    Aslmakm sir we r 4 muslm students came frn adilabad to stdy in hyd. We r staying at abids chirag ali lane, residing at pranavadnar reddy, general secretary… Sir we want to leave frm here we paid advance 12000 rupes bt he is saying he wil nt return money nd saying do watever u want to do.. So plz take sum action bcoz we r in need… Thank u sir

  30. Chandrashekar S says:

    Dear Sir, We have a great deal (good things) about you Sir. I am from Begumpet, Hyderabad. I would like to get your email address or if possible would like to take up the case for the kind of harassment, ill-treatment, causing mental torture by LG India from the time we have purchased LG Split AC on March 18, 2012. Would appreciate your support and help in this regard.

  31. mohammed mustafa says:

    hello sir my name is mustafa i really appriceate to ak khan sir this is very wonderful response

  32. Abdul says:

    Assalamu aalaikum Sir,
    i went to my wife place to call my wife back but my inlaws did not accepted and then i went to local area PS to complaint that my inlaws are not sending my wise but in return those policeman book dowry case 498 A on my name and also book 323 case stating all false statement as guided by my father in law…. and then my inlaws added 406,420, maintenence case on my name and…iam still attending hearings from past 2and half year..and i have placed a petition of Restitutional conjugal rights and my wife wantedly rejected the summon and …as my father inlaw is a policmen and trying me to harrase in many ways…sir please take some action against him being a policmen he is misusing all law and oders..if policmen is being a wrong example then how can other civil citizen should behave..thats the reason all youngsters are becoming cruel due to these kind of people…..i want my wife to come back and join my family.