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6-figure salary for tweeting

6-figure salary for tweeting

MTV announced the selection of 18 candidates who will compete to become its Twitter Jockey. Two more can be nominated through June 27.
After five challenges, five finalists will advance to the elimination rounds. The first assignment will be reporting at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on September 12.
The MTV Twitter Jockey will be based in New York and earn a six-figure salary.
Bollywood has been flooded by a Twitter wave. With regular updates in 140 characters, the stars have never been closer.

Look at some interesting tweets by Ashabhosle:-
My 1st Hindi duet with Lata didi was “jaja re ja saajna”.
Lata didi gave me playback in the film “Badi Maa”. I have acted to her singing.
Partially working Impartial Judiciary. Overburdened Courts. Overburdened citizens collapsing under the weight of greed and corruption.

Phoren Hang Up: The Daily Mail (UK) called me “Madonna In A Saree”. Will our media refer to singer Madonna as “Asha In A Skirt” ?
1978 World Cup: Pancham & I performed for 1st time in London (Albert Hall) when Argentina and Mario Kempes guided Argentina to victory
Reality shows are far removed from reality. Contestants come with Asha, go away with Nirasha.

Kishoreda was banned on AIR ’cause he refused 2 perform in free show during 1975 emergency days. We have come a long way, or have we ?

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