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5-digit Train numbers from Monday

5-digit Train numbers from Monday

Hyderabad, Dec 18 : The five digit numbering system for all trains on Indian Railways will come in affect from Monday. December 20.

Accordingly, all the Superfast, Mail/Express, Rajdhani, Garibrath, Passenger trains etc, will have a uniform five digit numbers.

In case of express trains, the digit ‘1’ will be prefixed to the existing numbers of the Trains. For example, all Express Trains of South Central Railway (which start with No 7) and Superfast trains (which start with No 2) will be prefixed by No 1.

For Example – Train No 7256 Hyderabad-Narsapur Express will be renumbered as Train No 17256 and Train No 2723 Hyderabad – New Delhi A P Superfast Express will be renumbered as Train No 12723.

All the passenger trains, Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMUs), Diesel Hauled Multiple Units (DHMUs), Main Line Electric Multiple Units (MEMUs), MMTS Sub-urban Services will also be renumbered with Five Digits

In case of Passenger Trains, totally new five digit numbers have been given.

The Railways have urged the rail users to take note of the New Five Digit Train Numbers and use the same.

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