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3 cyber crooks steal 120 million Ids & PWDs

3 cyber crooks steal 120 million Ids & PWDs

With 3G technology expected to catch on rapidly in mobile phones, a sharp rise in cyber crime was a possibility, said Gulshan Rai, director general and member-secretary of Computer Emergency Response Team  on Monday at Hyderabad.  This observation was made by him while participating in the inauguration of the Cyber Forensic Unit of Truth Labs. “Recently, 120 million identities were stolen by just three people. This case is referred to as the Hotland case,’’ he said.

Participating in the event, director and CEO of the Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology B Sambamurthy said identity theft was the biggest challenge in the country. ”No more is the name of the person considered as the identity. The password given for financial transactions has become critical. So protecting this from hackers is vital,” he pointed out. While earlier forgery largely had to do with cheques, its reach had become staggering in the networked world.

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