Jr NTR Engagement Photo Gallery

Jr NTR Marriage Photo Gallery

Jr NTR Marriage Photo Gallery 1

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Jr NTR Photo Gallery

Jr NTR Photo Gallery 1

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8 Responses to “Jr NTR Engagement Photo Gallery”

  1. Venkatesh says:

    This challenging media king, who carried great impression and respect, in his second phase of producing films, proves that he lost his courage and guts of producing powerful story lines. And it seems he clearly satisfied based on safe -cheap –budget -calculations.
    Another average film, with weak story line from the Strongest Producer. – Guru Dev Charan

    Rating :- 2.5/5
    Except Ramoji Film city there is no organization that was named after him or the names of his relatives. They represent great thoughts of real zeal and vigor, Ushodaya publications, Ushakiron Movies, Eenadu, Margadarshi, etc., are proofs of his fire.

  2. jyothi says:

    NTR ur selection is super. pranathi is suit for u. iwish brundavanam will be super hit


    Hi sir iam big fan of u , (happy married life) sir one thing i have to tell u is iam just a fan of u,i know what the public are discussing about u, right now ur fans are very happy i thing u have helping nature so keep it up, i think u r not a cinema hero u r a really hero its fact, thank u sir from ravi naidu

  4. sindhu chowdary says:

    hai sir my name is sindhuja. iam very big fan of u . i love u so much sir. you are a real hero in my life. in marriage selection ur good sir. i think about ur next film is so good thanking you sir from sindhu chowdary

  5. hemanth says:

    happy marry life.
    this is your bigest fan hemu

  6. vijji.r says:

    happy maried life