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Why our leaders bending so much in front of Delhi Leaders? Shame on them.

Why our leaders bending so much in front of Delhi Leaders? Shame on them.

Disclaimer- I’m neither a fan of anyone nor a supporter of any political party. This is just a thought that crossed my mind when I saw this picture. And as a son of Telugu soil, this is bothering me for long time.

If you look at the people in queue in the above picture and assume that these are common people who are lined up to see a god, you are mistaken. There are some cabinet ministers and top rung leaders of AP in the crowd and all of them are waiting to see Madam Sonia Gandhi. There was a news sometime back that a woman MLA went and fell on feet of madam and just cried just because she was ignored in the recent ministry formation. We keep seeing statements in news papers praising the leaders as equivalent to god and anyone who talks against them as seen as sinners. Which world are we living in? Every leader is a human being and can do mistakes. Talking as if the leader can never do a mistake is more of a slavery attitude than leadership.

When I saw this in a leading news paper two thoughts came to my mind.
Are we still living in a feudal setup where kings and queens used to live in palaces and people wait for them?
Are our leaders so weak and mentally robbed that they cannot survive without so called leader’s blessings?

All that I read and learnt from lives of various leaders is that a leader is the one who leads from the front, available to the people and work towards the benefit of the people. Here we see a leader who doesn’t seem to have time for her followers, leave about people and doesn’t seem to be leading from the front. We have seen so many leaders including chief ministers and central ministers waiting for days in past for meeting their leader. It is understandable that the leader could be busy and doesn’t have time to meet leaders but there are instances when the leaders and decisions had to wait even in the crisis times. I will agree if the leader is busy in meeting people and ignored other leaders. This leader rarely comes to the people and if she comes, there should be an election. As an ideal leader and as a person who has sacrificed her position, isn’t she expected to stop the party men from praising and projecting Rahul Gandhi as the future prime minister? Isn’t it demoralizing for the present PM who is used by the party to project themselves as clean by such arguments?

The leader and party should realize that the top post has to be earned by the merits and not inherited. For the type of blabbering the young leader is caught recently, people would agree that he is not qualified to be sitting in top post.

Now let me come to the leaders of this political party. They run every time to Delhi for blessings of a coterie of people and you may not be surprised if you find one of your elected representatives in Delhi more than his own constituency. Isn’t it people who elect the leaders? Why do they need anyone blessings if they have worked for people and earn the blessings of the people? If they have done well, I’m sure they can get re-elected even as an independent and I’m sure no party would like to disown the leaders who are popular with people. The fact that these leaders haven’t seen much of their constituencies after getting elected and the fact that they are more interested in safeguarding their chairs more than taking care of interest of people tells that they are not true leaders.

I think it is high time people of the state of Andhra Pradesh to wake up and tell their elected representative to stop stooping on their knees in front of the leaders of Delhi and start working for the people who elected them.

by Brahma Mahesh

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