Nandamuri family cannot be compared to NTR

The nandamuri family cannot be compared to NTR

The nandamuri family cannot be compared to NTR

The literary piece ‘’the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction’’ by noted Marxist scholar Walter Benzman has relevance to Andhra state politics.

Benzman opines that the value of photocopy (Xeroxing) is no match to the original art. For example, even if M.F.Hussain’s original art is  valued at millions of rupees, the price of  the photocopy of the same art would be available for just ten rupees whatever be the quality of the of the Xerox printing.

The value of NTR is massive and he commanded huge respect among Telugu people. Same can not be said about his children and grandchildren, who are seeking support from public as inheritors of his political legacy.

Just being his sons do not mean people respect them in the same way. The original NTR value is enormous but the same cannot be given to his Xerox copies i.e Balayya,Jr,NTR,Kalyanram and Tarakarathna.

If somebody is quoting his ancestors it indicates that he himself is worthless.


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  1. chaitanya, sydney says:

    come on my friend wake up . i dont think u are qualified for writing articles on great icons like NTR. what is the language u are using xerox copies. i am sure u are not well educated enough may be its the fault of ur parents. may be u will be calling ur parents as xerox machines. but not in the society. they are known as parents and children. i hope u understand this time . and if someone says that ur ancestors are good that doesnt mean u are useless. and if u still believe in that then ur ancestors are great .